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Posted by: James Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:53:01 PM(UTC)
Here are a few "Rules of the Road" to keep in mind as you participate in the forums.

Be Respectful
  • No racial, homophobic, threatening, demeaning or otherwise offensive comments are allowed.
  • Respect differences of opinions (no matter how wrong the other person is ), but feel free to voice your disagreement in a civil manner.
  • Do not insult or attack the character of UNC players or recruits ("player bashing"). Armchair quarterbacking and discussion of someone's in-game play are fine, but don't make it personal. Athletes and recruits (and some coaches) may read these comments and we don't want to give them a negative view of UNC or its fan base.
Keep it clean
  • If your comments or images can't be broadcast on network TV, then it shouldn't be posted here. In other words...
  • No sexually explicit language, photos or other graphic images.
  • Keep your comments at a PG-13 level and avoid obscenities or other offensive language
Report offensive posts
  • If you find a particular post to be offensive or in violation of board rules, please use the "Report" button at the bottom-right of the post to report it to a moderator.
No copyrighted material
  • Do not copy and paste full texts of articles. Article snippets and/or links to the original content are fine.
No Spam
  • Do not use the forums as a means of free advertising for your products or services. Links to commercial sites and products will be deleted, and the person posting the link may face a temporary or permanent ban.
Violations of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

And if all that is too much to digest, just remember this one simple rule:

Stay Classy
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