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Posted by: mikeman1206 Posted: Tuesday, September 03, 2013 3:37:52 PM(UTC)
The conspiracy theories will continue around how this incident and the one immediately preceding it (chronologically) were swept under the rug. But  dropped or reduced charges are typical for anyone who can afford a reputable attorney, particular charges like speeding and driving without a license.

Usually there is community service completed ahead of the court date as part of the arrangement. For example, a reputable attorney and 30 hours of community service might be enough for a DA to dismiss an underage drinking ticket paired with a public urination charge for a college student.

PJ has been crucified by the media, both local and national. He has been suspended from his team, and therefore his relationship which coaches/teammates has likely suffered. His mother has probably come down on him as any parent would after this sequence of events. He's deactivated his social media accounts, which isn't an easy thing for today's youth. He's likely paid quite a bit in attorney fees, and he's likely served a considerable amount of time in homeless shelters. On top of this, he will miss games, which he wants to play in just as much as or more than we want him to.

Assuming the bleeding has stopped, PJ will have paid his dues (whether he's suspended for 2 games or 10 games). I hope he can recover from all of this, not because I like to see our team succeed, but because he's just a kid who made some boneheaded mistakes. If you saw the 2-minute video ESPN aired on Manziel during College Gameday this past Saturday, the narrator asks, "Be honest, were you a Manziel, or were you a Tebow?" Honestly, I was a Manziel, or a Hairston.

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