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Message from Chancellor Folt: Response to Executive Order

To our more than 3,000 international students, scholars, staff and families – representing more than 100 countries: you are essential to our vibrant Carolina community. We remain fully committed to a diverse and inclusive campus and want all who work and study here to feel welcomed and valued. We are determined to help people who are directly or indirectly impacted in every way that we can. (UNC.edu)

Greg Sankey, NCAA COI Invite Wainstein Report Critique in UNC Case

The NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions’ decision to lower the standard of evidence in UNC’s investigation by admitting the entirety of the Wainstein Report calls into question its accuracy of the methods and findings of the investigation. Kenneth Wainstein’s report was not constructed to meet the stringent demands of a legal or fact-based interpretation. (Inside Carolina)

Carolina sets 12th consecutive record for first-year applications

With the close of the final deadline for first-year admission for Fall 2017, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announces a 12th consecutive record for first-year applications. The total of 40,792 applications received (as of Jan. 18) reflects an increase of 13.7 percent over last year and the second largest increase within the last 25 years. (UNC.edu)

NCAA Has History of Protocol Breach Prior to UNC

The NCAA enforcement process is built upon its constitution and bylaws, and institutions that work outside of those constructs are penalized. The NCAA’s enforcement staff, committee on infractions and infractions appeal committee are required to follow the same protocol, although the NCAA has failed to meet that threshold in recent high-profile enforcement cases, including UNC’s. (Inside Carolina)

Four-Year Tuition Freeze Takes Effect At UNC (But It’s Not for Everyone)

Undergraduates and their parents, for whom each new year has presented the angst of a possible tuition increase, have a new sense of security: The rate students pay as incoming freshmen will be frozen for four years. The security blanket is limited, however. It covers North Carolina residents only. (UNC General Alumni Association)

Video: UNC AD Bubba Cunningham Responds To NCAA's 3rd Notice of Allegations

UNC Athletics Director Bubba Cunningham responds to the NCAA's 3rd Notice of Allegations that the University received on December 13th. Cunningham says that the committee on infractions has not been consistent in how bylaws have been applied in UNC's case. View Video...

UNC AD Bubba Cunningham: "Follow the Bylaws"

North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham spoke with reporters following the release of the second amended notice of allegations on Thursday. "We’re not going to speculate on the merits of the case, but I can talk about the process, and we believe that the process has gotten off track and we have serious concerns about that. Here’s how:" (Inside Carolina)

NCAA COI Chair Greg Sankey's Intervention Into UNC Case

Committee of Infractions chairman and SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey’s unprecedented entry into the NCAA enforcement and hearing process resulted in a third notice of allegations for UNC in a 20-month window - without the introduction of any new evidence. Three days after receiving UNC’s request to supplement the record, Sankey denied the documents' inclusion. (Inside Carolina)

Carolina comments on, releases NCAA’s third notice of allegations

In this third version of the case's notice of allegations, UNC is facing essentially the same overall allegations as the original notice, with some modifications. The specific reference to the football and men's basketball program returned: "Many at-risk student-athletes, particularly in football and men's basketball, used these courses for purposes of ensuring their continuing NCAA academic eligibility." (Inside Carolina)

Chansky’s Notebook: Here We Go Again

The investigation into UNC’s academic and athletic scandal took an unprecedented turn this week when the NCAA issued yet a third Notice of Allegations, which amended the second NOA, which had amended the original NOA. This latest notice won’t be released by UNC until later this week, but it apparently reinstated several specifics that had been removed from the second NOA. (Chapelboro.com)

The NCAA’s Protocol Problem with UNC Investigation

Following orders from the Committee on Infractions, the NCAA enforcement staff has reinstalled the impermissible benefits charge, albeit with stronger language and a different basis for its allegation: the Wainstein report. UNC’s resolve in holding the NCAA to the bylaws its own membership constructed will potentially be a determining factor in the outcome of this case. (Inside Carolina)


North Carolina has received another notice of allegations from the NCAA, according to multiple sources close to the situation. This new notice - the third notice of allegations in the case - could be announced as soon as this week. Sources confirm this new version reinstates aspects of the original first notice that were then altered for the amended notice. (Inside Carolina)

UNC to make major changes to its general education requirements

The College of Arts and Sciences will begin making major changes to UNC’s general education requirements in the next few months — but the changes aren’t expected to take effect until 2019. Kevin Guskiewicz, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, created the Dean’s Advisory Committee. (Daily Tar Heel)

UNC in the process of undergoing Title IX compliance review

UNC is in the process of assessing its compliance with Title IX — a process completed every five years. Nicki Moore, senior associate athletic director, said the process of reviewing for Title IX compliance is not required, but UNC is completing the review as risk management. “This is essentially like an audit. It’s a way of assessing where our areas of risk might be." (Daily Tar Heel)

Bethel: The N&O Continues Failing to be the Newspaper We Need

Let me tell you about one of most noble athletics staffers I’ve ever met. His name is Eric Hoots, and he’s the Director of Player Development for the UNC men’s basketball team. Eric attended UNC and got a job as a video assistant for the team after he graduated. Over the past 12 years, he’s worked hard and with integrity to get to the position he has now. (Chapelboro.com)

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