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Many thanks to the loyal readers who continue to enjoy Tar Heel Times. Here's a look at some of the nice feedback that visitors have been kind enough to share over the years. Please feel free to send us your feedback and let us know how we're doing or what we can improve for you.

"Your page is great and has great information on it. I visit often especially for basketball related information. Your site is one of the few that have stats right after game thaat includes MP and Plus Minus. Thanks for all the work you do to keep fans updated with all things UNC. Look forward to seeing whats next!"
Antonio R.
"Love the site! Been following it since summer of 2010 while I discovered you during a summer abroad. Have been a daily visitor since then. Go heels!"
Stuart G.
"A Carolina fan since 1957. Thanks for all you do. Love the box scores."
Debbie M.
"Really appreciate everything you do. Love Tar Heel Times! Go Heels!"
"I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Nobody else I know has provided as much information and joy as you this past year. Thanks for all you do and best wishes for a great 2024. I’ll be reading every day!"
Charles C.
"Love keeping up on the Heels through your site. Thanks for the articles etc. A life long fan."
"This 83 yr.old lady thanks you for providing her with the best Tar Heel news ever every day!!"
"I wanted to email to let you how much I enjoy - it's the first site I vist in the morning, and then revisit several times each day. Keep up the good work!"
Bill in Kentucky
"Tar Heel Times is always the first website I check each day. Love it!"
"I want to congratulate you and the staff at Tar Heel Times for the incredible service you provide to fellow Tar Heel fans. I am a proud graduate of the Class of 1977 at Chapel Hill."
J.M. in Pennsylvania
"I have enjoyed Tar Heel Times for years, and I use it as a one-stop shop for info on all the UNC teams."
"Want to thank you for your great service in keeping me in the know about my favorite school! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!"
J. Johnson
"We live in Costa Rica and keep up with the Tar Heels through your great site. Keep up the good work and pura vida!"
"I love One advantage of going to your site is being able to quickly notice the results or date/time/TV coverage of our Tar Heel teams without clicking several links."
Dottie K.
"Keep up the great work—love what you do with your site. Clutter-free, efficient, comprehensive!"
"Thank you for your quick response and concern but much more than that thank you for the tremendous job you do year after year with this site where I always begin and end my day online."
Charles A.
"Rarely meet someone 'electronically' as personal and helpful as you. A real professional. Thank you."
Wilson in Asheville, UNC '76
"Greatly appreciate the site. Helps me stay in contact from Kansas City."
"I go to your website more than any other site. Early in the day and last thing at night and sometimes in-between. I get more info from THT's than other sites I pay for. Keep up the Outstanding Job of keeping us Tar Heel fans informed!!"
Ronny in Kitty Hawk, UNC '72
"I am a constant user of your site. At least 4 or 5 times a day. Very informative when it comes to Tar Heel info and enjoy it very much. My wife also is a big Carolina fan and uses the site almost as much as I do."
Scott C.
"Thanks for what you do. It is my go-to place for all things Tar Heels."
Scott in Ecuador
"Yall do a great job, I look at it everyday. Sometimes I look 3 times a day, great information and updates. I have been a Carolina fan since 1965."
David N.
"Thanks again for all you do, couldn’t live without this publication."
Mark F.
"I call your site 'The Carolina Newspaper', for you present all things pertaining to UNC, sports and all. Your site is the first one I look at in AM, and PM. Thank you for your good work!"
"I visit Tar Heel times every day, I appreciate what y'all do."
Jared W.
"I call your site 'the Carolina Newspaper' because you print all the news that's fit to print @ UNC sports and news. Your site is outstanding and I check it several times daily! Thanks for your great work!"
Mike B., UNC '63
"I've been following your website for years, and especially in a week like this, leading up to the tournament, I find myself looking your way even more often. I could shower you with accolades, because you've truly done an excellent job with this site."
Mike in Phuket, Thailand
"Love Tar Heel Times. Check it a few times everyday. 40 year Tar Heel hoop fan from Buffalo NY. Bleed Tar Heel blue."
Mike in Buffalo, NY
"I've seen the feedback you get from all over the country - and even the world - thanking you for the great Tar Heels coverage to keep Carolina fans informed, no matter where they are. I'm local and still rely on your website for all things UNC. Thank you!!"
Kathy S.
"I check TarHeelTimes first thing each morning, and then again throughout the day. Love the site!"
Bill M., UNC '73
"I love your site (and) I love Carolina deeply and always have."
C.D., UNC '82
"Love your site - my go-to for all things Tar Heel."
"Thank you for what you do for Tar Heel fans...your site is invaluable! Keep up the good work, and please know that you add so much value for those who follow Carolina well done!!"
Ken M.
"You are the G.O.A.T. Enough said."
Charles C.
"Thanks so much for what y'all do -- THT is an amazing resource for me as a reporter, and I know a ton of media members and fans who feel the same."
"The best UNC sportsite out there! First thing I go to in the morning is Tar Heel Times without a doubt!"
Jack H.
"You guys are still doing a great job and providing a great service to UNC fans and others. Your site saves me so much time by not having to search all over the internet to get UNC news. Thanks for an excellent site and all your hard work."
John in Asheville, NC
"You're doing a great, great job! I love the site. In fact, it's my absolute favorite site, honest to God. I go to constantly every day. You're my No. 1 source for any Heels news, especially hoops!"
Joe in New Jersey
"I love I check it multiple times daily. Thank you for creating and maintaining the site."
Jeff in Charlotte, NC
"I would like to thank you and all your staff for the year long great UNC news service your site provides."
John in Asheville, NC
"There is more info here than one could have imagined!! Tar Heel Times is the greatest and I check in multiple times every day. Thank you so much!"
Mark F.
"You guys are the absolute best. You are where I go everyday to get my "Carolina Fix.""
Bruce in Midlothian, VA
"THT is my “one stop shop” for all things Carolina. Love how quickly news is reported from different sources and the depth of the recruiting info. Keep it up."
Charlie S., UNC '77
"I don't visit every day. I visit several times a day!"
Glenn G.
"I'm a faithful reader of Tar Heel Times. Thank you for all your good work."
Keith in Greensboro, NC
"Your website, Tar Heels Times is simply THE BEST for anyone who follows or loves the Tar Heels. I have other sites I pay for but I got to THT's first every day and sometimes several times during the day. Thank for this Service!!"
Ronny in Kitty Hawk, NC
"I'm a big fan of yours. Thanks for all you do."
Mark in Tennessee
"THT is my favorite website on the internet. I literally look at it multiple times a day and you are the absolute bomb for helping feed my UNC fandom!!!! You do an unreal job of running the site."
Michael M.
"Greetings from Ecuador. I continue to use your page as my only source of info on all things UNC. It has been that way and it stays that way!"
Scott S.
"I just had to say thanks for all the entertainment and info. You are the best."
Charles C.
"Your page is my homepage and I depend on you/it for all my tar heel news. Keep up the good work."
Vance, UNC '71
"Your website is the first I visit each day. Thank you for your dedication to UNC sports."
"You are my go to site first thing in the morning for all UNC athletics. I appreciate you very much!"
David O.
"Thanks for the great job you do keeping Heels fans informed!"
"I absolutely love this site. My dad played football at Carolina...and Chapel Hill was a great town to grow up in the 60s. Thanks for your great compendium, I check it multiple times a day, everyday."
Bill in California
"I truly love your site. I've gone there for years. Thank you for all you do for Tar Heel nation."
Mark W.
"I sure enjoy your the first sites and last I look at every day. Thanks for all you do."
David S.
"This site is amazing and I appreciate this content to the fullest as I live in Sweden and it's hard for me to follow the team without you."
"I really like all the information that you keep up-to-date in the Tar Heel Times It's really informative so keep it up!"
"You have the absolute best Tar Heel website. I am now living in Ecuador but trying to follow our teams as best I can. And I am checking the site at least three times a day. Heck, I look at this before I even look at my email!! Keep up the good work. We thank you for this."
Scott in Ecuador
"I love your site. It is awesome. I am a trustee at Carolina and used to be a manager for the basketball team from '78-'82...and I love the Heels more than ever. Keep up the good work."
"You are my go-to source for all things Carolina!! I have been reading Tar Heel Times for years, multiple times daily, and I really appreciate all you do to keep not only me, but Tar Heel fans everywhere, in the know about our beloved Tar Heels."
Tim R.
"It's such a dedicated publication and vastly important to so many."
Rob, UNC '86
"Love Tar Heel Times. I check it throughout the day. I have been a Carolina fan since '71 and this is my #1 source for all things Carolina. Keep up the great work."
"I check your site everyday, simply marvelous! thanks for great, timely info!!!!"
"First site I check when looking for Tar Heel updates everyday. First rate. Love it."
"TarHeelTimes is the first place I go to each morning to read about Carolina sports."
Tar Heel in Ohio
"As a bred and born TARHEEL living in Louisville, Ky., it's soo nice to be able to come here knowing I can get reliable and ample coverage on all things TARHEEL. Many thanks!"
Sharon in Louisville
"My go to site for Carolina Sports info. Thanks for all you do."
"I love this website...I've been a Tar Heel fan since childhood, even living in Cavalier, Hokie, and Terps country!"
"THT amalgamates all UNC sports information very well. One of the only sites I check on a regular basis for ALL UNC sports info. Keep up the good work!"
"I love the site, I probably check it more often than any sports sites I browse. I really like the simplicity of the design and user navigation. Keep it up!"
Mike, UNC '96
"Truly enjoy your site. Tar Heel Times has become my go to source for all things Carolina athletics."
"I truly appreciate the Carolina sports headlines. Only way to keep me warm during the winter vortex here in Chicago. Moved here 20 years ago and still feeling the Carolina blue!"
"I've been a Tar Heel since 1956-57 at age 10. My dad and his 5 brothers all graduated from Chapel Hill. Uncle Tom (92), the last of the bros and I are still enjoying the games and the excellent posts and pictures on!"
"Best coverage of UNC sports. So many articles on one site. Thanks Tar Heel Times."
"You are amazing! You're my best and most consistent form of entertainment and education. Keep up the excellent work."
"Tar Heel born, bred & educated but have lived in Tokyo last 19 years. Tar Heel Times helps keep me tethered. Every day is GDTBATH. Thank you!"
Ted, UNC '83
"Hey just wanted to say that Tar Heel Times is a really great idea and is a much easier to keep up with all UNC news than going to each UNC website when you can just get everything from you."
"I just wanted to emphasize Again, just How Much Tar Heel Times means to me. First site I check in the morning; last site I check at night; and many times in between during the day. I guess that I want to, once again, give you a True Tar Heel "THANK YOU", for ALL you do for me and many other Tar Heels ! You are the BEST !!!"
C. Reid
"I would rather have Tar Heel Times than indoor plumbing. Great way to keep up with all things Carolina. Thanks for your great work!"
JH in Winston-Salem
"Thanks for your site--it is my favorite!"
George H.
"An amazing site, been coming here for years now for info relating to the Tar Heels. Simply put, you do an awesome job each and every day! THANK YOU, for your dedication, your commitment and most importantly, all your hard work."
"81 years old and love UNC baseball. This is where I get all my this site."
Monroe, NC
"Tar Heel Times is the first page i see when I turn my desktop on. Keep up the good job."
"I thoroughly enjoy your site. It's been my daily go to site for UNC information for probably 10+ years."
Chris in Chapel Hill
"You have the best site ever! I'm out in California and check your site multiple times a day to keep up with my beloved Heels! Thanks for all the work you all do."
A.J. in California
"Love your site and view almost daily. Keep up the good work."
Tim in Hope Mills, NC
"I like the addition of MORE in the Olympic Sports section. You and I had talked about that many months ago and I just noticed it. I am on your site 3 or 4 times a DAY and it is not even basketball season."
"You're a colleague and a pro. Thank you for what you do, you're a trusted resource."
Chris, UNC '91
"80 years old and love this site for Tar Heel news can't wait for football to start"
"I really would like to thank you for just making the site available. I think it’s a toss up between THT and Amazon as to which site I visit most. Glad I found the site several years ago and keep up the good work. It is appreciated tremendously. Go Heels!!"
David L.
"Once Again, Tar Heel Times Nails it. You're the BEST !!"
"Keep up the great work and thank you for always keeping the Tar Heel world updated!"
Aaron, UNC '13
"I read your site twice a day and enjoy it immensely. It's my favorite. Thanks for the great content. You're doing a nice job."
Glenn C.
"Tar Heel born, living in Southern PA, LOVE your site ! Go Heels !"
"I am a HUGE Tar Heel fan who lives in northern New Jersey and is my favorite website."
Joe R.
"I love your website! I visit it first thing every morning as part of my morning routine. Tar Heel Times and toast. What a breakfast!"
Matt M.
"I read the stories from your site nearly every day and am grateful for the work you do to keep us up on Tar Heel sports and other University stories. Please keep up your great website!"
Herb, UNC '72
"I love this website, it always has so many up to date stories about all UNC sports. I look at it at least three times a day. I have been a Carolina fan for over 50 years."
"I graduated from UNC in '85 and lived in the NC Triangle for 35 years. I recently retired to Florida and I rely heavily on Tar Heel Times for all things UNC."
"Your web site is outstanding. If you follow Tar Heel Times you do not need any other site."
"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the New "Full-Sized" Twitter Feed Page! It's a Fantastic Improvement, and my Old, Tired Eyes say "Thank You Very Much". Yet Another Great Idea from the "Best in the Business" Many Thanks."
Tim, UNC '72
"1st time reading the "Times" this morning. Totally enjoyed it. Informative, comprehensive, a lot better than the "DTH" when I was in grad. school in the 70s. Info. as to sports is excellent and it goes beyond "stats"."
"First time on your web site. Did not know how much I have been missing."
"Your site is incredible! I bet I open it 5 to 10 times a day checking for new stories etc. Thanks for everything!"
"I use this site everyday no matter what to keep my Carolina Blue blood pumping."
Sam S.
"I love your web site! I Go to it multiple times a day. Please keep up the great work! And as always GO HEELS!!!!"
"Just wanted to say what a big fan I am of this website. I visit it 4-5 times a day. Tar Heel Times is the best there is and I spread the word! Love it man keep up the good works!!"
"Absolutely love this site and check it multiple times daily. Other than all of the many articles you post, I particularly love the other sections like the Roster, Recruiting, Schedule (especially as a reference to past teams and their records). Thank you for a great UNC site!"
Mark F.
"Thanks so much for always being such a great source of combining all the great content about the Heels! I check it multiple times every day - so helpful."
"Thanks for your fabulous efforts. I can't think of anyone who brought me more pleasure than you did in the past year. I check your site several times daily."
"As a tar heel fan I find this site a must see for the most up to date news scores and stats and I visit this site at least once a day , thanks for having such a great website."
"THT IS my site for all things heels and truly appreciate all your efforts. Being a tar heel in Georgia, it isn't always easy getting timely "local" news from the Tar Heel State. You guys do it best."
"Best site for the lastest info and news on our Heels. Been following for years. My first click when I am looking for updates and stories."
"You are awesome - this is perfect, absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much. Best wishes always, in all ways."
"Love the site - been following since inception - congrats! Read the “Thought of the Day” everyday (of course, always reminds me of Coach Smith)."
"You do so much to keep us informed about all things Heel. I'm on three or four times a day this time of year and the broad-based info is excellent. Even when I say no need to respond, you always send me a note. There is so seldom a link that does not work or something out of place or anything. It is just about PERFECT, and we all thank you for that."
Scott S.
"I like your site and use it as a clean reference site of scores and standings."
"If you don't already, you should check Tar Heel Times daily for ALL UNC news. Best website ever."
Will D.
"Love the site! It guides my day!!! Go Heels"
Matt K.
"Thanks for all you do, this is a great resource, I've been using Tar Heel Times for years. Go Heels!"
"I always find myself getting online at work about 6 or 8 times a day to check anything new when i probably should be getting more work done. Still my favorite site by far. Thanks!!!"
"I check your site the first thing in the morning with my coffee and many times during the day. The best place on the net for Tar Heel news. I don't have any other sites on my computer because yours fills all my requirements. Keep up the great work!"
"Been a Tar Heel fan for 30 years and love what you guys do on this website."
Rob S.
"I am so thankful for Tar Heel Times. It has been my more than once a day read for years. When I was living in Africa for most of 8 years it kept me connected to UNC sports. Now that I have returned to the states, I find I am not checking ESPN or Fox Sports on a regular basis, like I do with Tar Heel Times. I guess that tells me that outside of Carolina sports everything else is just second fiddle. Thanks for the enjoyment you have given me over these years!!"
"Man, you continue to run the go to site for us Heels and it is wonderful. I am on here more than Facebook, or my own blogging, even!!"
"Please, Please, Please keep this going!!! Tarheel football and basketball is my golf,fishing ,hunting all rolled into one. Mostly I want to thank you for just having this site. Please keep giving us all the Tar Heel information that you do. I really like the archives of rosters and schedules of old games that are just a finger tap away. please keep this site going with all the info and scouting reports of all the games! This sight was literally a God send for me. Thank you."
Bill in Chatham County
"Best site on the web for Carolina info and updates. Keep up the good work."
Rob D.
"Like I always say, Tar Heel Times IS THE BEST!!! Just keep on doing what you all do. You can't make something perfect, that's already PERFECT!!! THANK YOU!!!"
"I absolutely love your website and visit daily. I enjoy how you have most articles correctly sorted and the recruiting info is great."
"What a marvelous season!!!! If it had not been for you and all your efforts, most of us would have missed just about all the good news articles/videos of our team this season. Thank you so much for all that you do."
R., UNC '68
"Tar Heel Times is truly outstanding - every article you've ever wanted to read at your fingertips...and the twitter feed is fantastic! You've found a loyalist for life here!"
M. Melvin, UNC '15
"I'm a big fan of your site - check it every day - forward your articles around. Keep up the good work - it's really fun to read!"
T.G., UNC '69
"I am so impressed with your publication. It is very professionally executed and definitely fills an important niche. Due to our interaction, I have personally become a devoted follower and have sent out links to your site to many Tar Heel friends."
Stephanie, UNC '76
"Great site for Tar Heels fans. I check for updates at least 3 times a day while at work. You do a great job keeping us informed on all things Carolina Blue."
"Tar Heel Times is my homepage on my PC. I really enjoy your work. Keep it going."
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! You do a great job and all of us who check this site multiple times a day really appreciate it. All the best of the season to you and yours."
"Hey! I love how this site operates, so keep up the great work and thanks for adding the Olympic Teams so that it is easy to track those sports, too. Go Heels!"
Scott S.
"I've been living overseas for over seven years now, and Tar Heel Times is my go-to source for everything Carolina. I rely on the internet for all of my news, and Tar Heel Times is one of my favorite regular stops (Go Heels)."
Mike L.
"Thank you for Tar Heel Times website. I became a Tar Heel fan in 1954 and have lived in Georgia since 1970. If not for THT, I would get virtually no information on the Heels. Thanks again for the terrific job you do and the much appreciated service you perform."
Jim in Dawsonville, GA
"Your site is the easiest of the Tar Heel sites to navigate and I hope you keep it simple and uncluttered. I will utilize your site exclusively now for all Tar Heel information, etc. Thanks."
"You have just put THT on top with the new recruiting page! Direct links are worth their weight in gold .... keep up the good work!!!"
"I've written before, but I'm a firm believer that when someone does something right, its well worth affirming. Tar Heel Times does it right. #GDTBATH"
Jim, UNC '80, NYC
"My uncle is Buddy Baldwin I played under same coach on the same Gym floor as Roy did in High School. I have never written on this site but have followed it Daily as long as I remember. You guys do a great job. Go Heels and may God Bless."
M. F.
"Adding pictures along with the UNC twitter feeds,not just the text version is a BRILLIANT idea.You made perfection on your site even more perfecter. Keep up the great work!!"
"I really enjoy your site. Well done. Simple and effective."
Peter in Charlotte
"Continuous, continuous improvement. AND the site is invaluable for me to keep up with Madness. So great on that. Readership. School spirit. Go Heels and all that!!! Keep up the great work. I guess I was on the site 5 times yesterday."
Scott S.
"I love this site so much this is the third time I have given positive feedback. It just covers everything Tar Heel and then some. Please keep up the good work."
Jeff T.
"I have been a Tar Heel fan since the mid 60s and I love your site...the way it gathers articles from hither and yon and places them in one "central repository!""
Jim A.
"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do on this site. As a UNC alum now living in Oregon, the great job you do aggregating relevant Tar Heel news (without constantly trying to sell me something) helps me keep in touch with the home country. I particularly enjoy the Campus Connections links. Please keep up the great work."
Kelly in Oregon
"I find myself solely using Tar Heel Times as my one stop shop for all things UNC!!! Go Heels!!!"
M. Hicks '86
"Love the site. Thanks for being my sole point of access for everything Carolina!"
"Your site is great. Sports is a big topic among the guys at work and I always show them this site. Honestly, I think your site is better than many pay sites. Yesterday, I wanted to see Fedoras' interview. On another site you had to be VIP, but here it was posted for free. You are my first choice for Carolina sports. Thanks for all you do."
Bob L., UNC '69
"I hope you have had a great Christmas...and here's wishes for a great New Year. Your site is a "gift" to us Carolina fans every day of the year!!!!! Thank You."
"Tar Heel Times is excellent at providing the best links and tweets about all UNC sports in a timely fashion."
Raleigh & Company
"I love your website - it is the first sport site I always check. Thanks!"
Allyson, UNC '81
"Thanks again for maintaining this site - couldn't keep up with the Heels without it."
Mike H.
"You have the best site on the web. Not the best Carolina site, but the best site. You are the first and last place I look daily. Keep up the GREAT work."
"The site is always current and I enjoy the twitter feed and ABC segments. Just a great all-in-one site. You do a great job, not sure what you can improve on, everything is already there. I like the sites simplicity, it's really got that easy to use feel about it. I visit your site a million times a day. Thanks for all you do!"
"I really love every thing about the site. It's updated frequently, I can always find something and it really saves time trolling all the other sites I would need to find so much information."
"It is my favorite site. It is a one-stop shop to get all news and information on the Tar Heels. It saves me a lot of time searching individual sites for UNC articles. I've been a daily user for about 5-6 years. Because articles and social media accounts on the site are updated so frequently, I'm sure I visit the site 20-25 times per day."
"Most complete coverage of Tar Heel football and basketball. I like that I can read a summary of an article before reading it. Easy site that loads quickly and isn't slowed down by too many ads or photos."
"The site is simple and functional and this is an element I appreciate about it. Function over flash."
"I love that I can go to just one source for links to any story I'd want. I wouldn't even know to check these other places. Even during the off season you keep having articles about various aspects of UNC men's basketball -- good job!"
"Love the site! It's where I come to stay posted every day on all thing Heel!"
"Thank you so much for this website. I don't have enough time to check all of these sources on my own, so this website helps a lot. As a current student, I will be using this site for many, many years to come."
"This is my favorite site of Any on the web (not just for UNC or for sports but for any/all types of sites) so keep up the great work...No longer do i have to search all over the web for all things UNC sports. Thanks, and Go Tar Heels!!!"
"Your site is the only site I rely on for Tar Heel coverage."
"I check your website like 20 times a day...seriously, I love Heels Basketball. You do a freaking amazing job at keeping your finger on the pulse of heels sports and lots of us down in Wilmington really appreciate it!"
A.D., Wilmington NC
"I once told you this was a "nice site". I was wrong. It is a GREAT site!!! It has become my single source for Carolina info. Thanks for all your hard work."
"I wanted to say that this is an amazing aggregation of publications y'all have put together. Great resource for Tar Heel news!"
Suraj, UNC '14
"Nice job of covering all the events during the season. Keep up the good work."
"Best North Carolina website bar none. I travel and just love to sit down at star bucks and look at Tar Heel Times. It just catches me up so fast. Thanks!"
Jeff T.
"I would like to congratulate you for the exceptional quality of your site. Living in Portugal and be a passionate fan of the Tar Heels is not easy and your site really help me a lot to have always updated news regarding recruiting of North Carolina basketball. All the best from Lisbon, Portugal! Go HEELS!!!"
Joao in Portugal
"Appreciate your hard work on this site, especially the thought of the day. Go Heels!"
Charlie B.
"I just wanted to say thank you for linking to our website's content over the years. You do an excellent job with your website, and it is a great resource for Tar Heel fans. I use it all the time to read more about the Heels. We see a huge jump whenever you link to us."
John at Keeping It Heel
"Your website is terrific with enormous coverage. I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions--you do a great job and provide a terrific service to the Tar Heel community."
Lee M.
"Go Heels 24-7-365 (and 366 in leap years.) THT is always my first stop. #TARHEELNATION4EVER"
C. James
"I love your site. It makes is easy for those of us away from NC to keep up with all things UNC. I also appreciate that you include academic and community stories as well as athletic ones. Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate what you do."
Peggy F.
"I check Tar Heel Times every day (sometimes multiple times), and hope I never take it for granted. Thanks for all you do, and have a wonderful new year."
Glenn, Cary, NC
"Your site is awesome…keep up the great work."
"Love the Tar Heel Times! I moved from Chapel Hill about 2 years ago and I am now living in Southern California. I read the Tar Heel Times website every day for my Tar Heel fix. Keep up the great work as it is really appreciated. GO HEELS!"
B.D., Southern California
"Wish I still live there. Missing the Heels. I visit the website at least 10 times a day. That's no lie."
"You're a great site for Heels fans. Thank you. I frankly don't go to that other site much since I discovered you a year or so ago."
F. Barber
"I am a huge fan of this site. Thank you for all you do for the Tar Heel Nation."
John M., West Palm Beach
"I live in California and graduated in 1974 from UNC. I check your website first thing in the morning as it is the best single site I have found on news about the Heels!"
H.M.B, UNC '74
"Really nice site. I remember listening to the '57 championship game on the radio and watching Billy C. play in Woollen Gym....yea, I am that old. I guess my blood is a light shade of blue instead of red."
R.P, Bloomington, IL
"Your web site is fantastic, keep up your good work. GO HEELS!"
Bill B., UNC '71
"Your site is the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed, I would be lost without it!"
Chad F., Indian Trail, NC
"I live on Tar Heel Times. Keep up the good work man. I'm class of 2010 here, but I'm going to medical school up at wright state university in Dayton OH. Needless to say, your site has been a sanctuary for me, especially given this area's recent UD hysteria. Thanks again. Time to get back to studying,"
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K. Smith, UNC '90
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Mona in NC
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S. Olsen
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John R.
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Oscar, UNC '97
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Geof, UNC '72
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HM3 T. Holmes Jr., USN
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R. Moore L.A., CA by way of Asheboro, NC
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Adam C.
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Anthony, United States Army
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T.E., UNC '75
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William, UNC '73
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Butch in Washington, NC
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T.J. UNC '63
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S.P.G, UNC '02
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S.K. in D.C., UNC '05
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"I can't imagine how you could put more info on it, but please try! I am the envy of all my Tar Heel buddies here in Atlanta. They think I have a mic wired to Roy's and Butch's offices. Well done!"
Harris, UNC '84
"Love your Tar Heel Times. Living in Central PA, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Tar Heel Times to read."
Bill in Pennsylvania, UNC '71
"This is the most complete listing of Tar Heel links I have found on the web. Keep up the good work!"
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B.M., Los Angeles, CA
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C. Reid
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Keith in Hickory, UNC '96
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Chris in Texas
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"Excellent and comprehensive addition to the Heels' NetWorld Offerings. Really appreciated by one such as me who lives beyond the "info line" here in the Charleston area, we get drips and dribbles but you give us the big, complete overview. Greatly appreciated. A must-be Bookmarked! Thank you."
Vernon Glenn '72, Mount Pleasant, SC

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