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ACC Pick 'Em Contest

Pick ACC football & basketball winners of each week's games and see how you stack up against your fellow fans.

Football Contest (Login | Register)

Each week, there will be a list of 10 ACC & NCAA football games posted for the coming week. Your challenge is to pick the winner of each game and assign it a "confidence" value of 1-10, with 10 being your most confident pick and 1 being your least confident. All points 1-10 must be assigned. You receive the points for each game you pick correctly.

Winners and standings are calculated on a weekly and season-long basis. Football bowl games WILL count towards the overall standings and be played under the same rules as a regular week. The bowl schedule will be posted once the matchups are announced.

Basketball Contest (Login | Register)

The rules for the basketball contest are the same as the football contest except there will be a maximum of 14 games to pick each week, and you will assign "confidence" points 1-14 (or fewer depending on the number of games that week).

Other Rules

Weekly picks: For the purpose of this contest, a week is defined as Monday through Sunday. You may make picks or update your picks anytime prior to the scheduled start of a game. Once a game starts, your ability to pick that game is locked.

Late picks: If you fail to submit your picks before the first game of the week, your forfeit the game with the fewest confidence points. For example, if you don't submit your picks until after 3 football games have been played that week, you forfeit your 1, 2, and 3 point guesses and will assign points 4-10 to the remaining games.


Still have more questions? You can reach me (James) anytime through the Contact Page.

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